Aspiring Foundations Federated Nursery Schools consists of Warrington Road Nursery and Ditton Nursey School who federated together in 2018. Our federation is underpinned by a commitment to excellence in Early Years Provision.

Warrington Road Nursery School currently provides funded provision for up to 130, 3 and 4 year old children for either 15 or 30 hours per week.  Warrington Road Nursery School is located within Warrington Road Children's Centre and is currently rated as OFSTED outstanding (July 18).

Warrington Road Nursery School caters for children in and around the Halton View area of Widnes

Ditton Nursery School provides funded provision for up to 104, 3 and 4 year old children for either 15 or 30 hours per week. Ditton Nursery School is co-located with Ditton Early Years Centre and is currently graded as good by Ofsted (Dec 18).

Ditton Nursery School caters for children in and around the Ditton area of Widnes.

Both schools have fabulous indoor and outdoor environments.

We hold a Nurture School Award at both schools.


The admission policy is determined by Halton Borough Council. A copy of the policy is available in the policy section.

New children are admitted in the September following their 3rd birthday. We offer children 15 & 30 hour funding. Children attend for 3 terms although it is sometimes possible for some children to attend for more than 3 terms if places are available.



Nursery school is non statutory, that means that children do not have to come to Nursery every day, but evidence shows us that it is important to get children into regular patterns of attendance. We know that young children are susceptible to childhood illnesses and so we understand that little ones will have time off from Nursery . The Government expect that primary school children should have a minimum of 95% attendance, so:

 Why should I bring my child to nursery school regularly?

  • Our data shows us that our more able children all have attendance of 95% or above.

  • Children who miss Nursery sessions miss out on vital social play learning how to make friends, share and take turns.

  • Listening as part of a group needs to be learned and practiced to build attention span.  This is a vital for school.

  • Arriving just 5 minutes late each day means your child misses 5 full sessions of Nursery over the year.

  • Arriving half an hour late means your child misses 31 sessions over the year.

  • 90% attendance is like having a day off every 2 weeks.

  • 80% is like having a day off every week.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement in school is highly valued. All parents/carers are asked if they would like to be parent helpers.

We believe that an effective partnership between home and school is of great value. The nursery staff aim to work with parents/carers for the benefit of the whole school and community.



Q. When Can my child start nursery school?

A. The term after their third birthday.

Q. When will I hear if I have a place at the nursery school.

A. September starters - approximately April/May

January starters - approximately June/July

April starters - approximately November/December

Q. If I complete an application form, does this go to all providers?

A. No, you need to complete a separate application for all providers, which are available from reception.

Q. What should I do if my child is sick?

A. Please call us to let us know.

Children who are absent from Nursery School with Sickness or Diarrhea need to kept at home for 48 hours after their last symptoms.
Children who are Prescribed Antibiotics need to be kept at home 24 hours after their first dose.

Q. Can I book a holiday in term time?

A. Yes, please let us know in advance

Q. What should I do if someone different is collecting your child?

A. Please speak to us or call us beforehand.


Operation Encompass

"Our school is taking part in a new project that will run jointly between Halton schools and Cheshire Police. This project is called Operation Encompass.  It aims to support children who are affected by domestic violence by ensuring that their school is informed. This then allows the school to provide intervention and support the children. Our trained Key Adults are Amanda Brown and Maraide Hurst who liaise with the Police and use the information to support our children. If you have any other questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact school."


Profiles of Development

All parents/carers are asked to provide an A4 file with 2 photographs of their child (one as a baby and one other).


These will be mounted as the first pages in the child’s file. Examples of your child’s recorded work will be put in their file together with photographs taken in the nursery and on outings.

Your child’s Learning Stories will also be kept in their files.

On leaving the nursery the file (with photographs) is for you to keep.


Home School Book Loan

Your child will be given a set of books on their home visit. Nursery school book bags are available to purchase for £4 from school. Each day your child has their book bag at school they can choose a book to take home as there are book boxes in each room. We ask that they have a book bag to keep them in as this protects the books on the journey to and from nursery, in the same way that schools use book bags for reading books.


We have a large selection of story and information books and some which are suitable for children who are beginning to recognise some words. We hope you will enjoy reading these books with your child.


Story stacks are given out within your child’s key group and can be borrowed for 2 nights. Please ensure ALL the pieces are in the sack when it is returned.


Application Form

We offer every child a home visit prior to starting with us. We believe that this helps us to build a bond with your child.

We run regular 'stay and play' sessions where you have time to play and observe how staff interact with children, how children learn and then time for a chat with your child's key person.

We welcome parents help during the sessions.


Educational Visits

All parent/carers are welcome to accompany their children on the 3 trips we make each year. We try to keep the cost to a minimum. You are also welcome to take photos of your child for your own personal use, but for the safety of your child at nursery we ask that you don’t upload photos of school trips to social networking sites.


Complaints Procedure

As far as possible any queries or concerns about the School and the curriculum should be resolved by informal contact with the teacher and headteacher.

Where such discussions do not resolve the problem it will be referred to the Governing Body, in line with our complaints policy.